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All refunds are suspended after Smart B2B MeetPoint About panel: Smart B2B MeetPoint The Smart B2B MeetPoint will have a dedicated area in the Rapsodia Room, and through its networking sessions taking place throughout the event, it will provide a strong base on which companies can build business relationships and establish powerful future collaborations.

Due to problems with ower paypal account 3 athletes did not appear on the list we were forced to extend the registration deadline for one day, so the last day for the registration will be March 11 at This is a one-day event, scheduled for the 16th March Doors mat-25 matchmaing atevent starts at The tournament will only have GI division matches.

We apply the regular point scoring system.

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Men and women matches will take place at the same time. The medalists of each division in their respective belt and weight category are eligible for the Open Class Tournament, with the exception of white belts. You can register for the Open 30 minutes after receiving your medal and the podium ceremony.

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Competitors in the 17 y. Each match allows one person the coach to sit on the mat and instruct the athlete. The runner-up will be awarded the silver medal and 3 points. Athletes that place 3rd and 4th place will be both awarded bronze medals and 1 point.

Competitors will be able to have their photos taken by our on-site professional hopefully with their medalsfree of charge.

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Each will be available on your personal profile on Smoothcomp and will be categorized mat-25 matchmaing Seasonal or Lifetime periods.

Competitor rankings are categorized by genders, ages, weights, and belt or experience.

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Team rankings are categorized by team points and medal count. If you wish to volunteer as a referee or mat-25 matchmaing involved in more time — consuming and complicated tasks, please contact us prior to the event at contact wbjja. Pre-registration is required to participate.

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You can adjust your registration details from your Smoothcomp account. We reserve the right to merge you after change deadline if you are alone in your division into another fair division if available. Payment has to be made before the Late Registration Date 10th March, via bank transfer or online via Smoothcomp payments platform.

All refunds are suspended after During the tournament, you can check out the matches taking place and the next two matches that follow by looking at the main display monitor.

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There will be an announcement for each match and the following 2 matches made via the sound system. There is a time allowance of 1 minute for the athletes to present themselves on the mat at match start.

There is a time allowance of 5 minutes for the athletes to remedy any gear problems that may be signaled by the tournament staff.


Weigh-ins are done with the GI on. There will be a ZERO weigh — in tolerance. There will be a medic and paramedics team available on — site for first aid and any possible tournament — related injuries.

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The organizer will not be able to treat any other ailments that are not related to an injury sustained during the tournament such as headache or stomachache. As a result, each official or team member must arrange individual travel and medical insurance against illness or accidents.

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  • Due to problems with ower paypal account 3 athletes did not appear on the list we were forced to extend the registration deadline for one day, so the last day for the registration will be March 11 at
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